About Piano Spa

The Piano Spa series is a collection of original Instrumental compositions that have been described by listeners as “healing”, “relaxing” and “inspiring”. It was conceptualized in 2005 by Warner Music Singapore’s A&R Director, Mr James Kang. “There were many Instrumental artistes who were revered by Singaporeans for their beautiful works, " says Mr. Kang. "Artistes with original instrumental compositions such as Nicholas Gunn, Kevin Kern were wildly popular here. Singaporeans seemed to crave relaxing, soft music giving them relief from the daily hectic lifestyle. So I thought, why not have our very own? By chance, I heard the early works of Chester Tan, and was immediately captured by his delicate piano skills and his strength in composing. His piano-based works have a dreamy and relaxing quality, which immerses you like a spa atmosphere.”

Piano Spas 1 to 3 were produced and composed by Singaporean pianist and composer, Chester Tan.

Piano Spa 4 introduced Singaporean creative artist Fred Lin into the series, with him contributing 14 songs while Chester Tan continued to helm the album’s other 16 songs.

Piano Spa 5 was released in August 2008 featuring 30 original instrumental tracks composed, arranged and produced by Fred Lin.

Piano Spa 6 was released in December 2011. It was a joint collaboration with International chart-topping producer Tat Tong and Chester Tan who won the COMPASS Composer of the Year on the same year.

In December 2014, Warner Music once again publishes Piano Spa 7. To freshen and reinvent the sound for this release, Chester Tan teams up with another prolific local composer, Bevlyn Khoo, who has previously released 5 vocal albums. This is her foray into Instrumental music by co-writing and contributing 10 tracks for this new album.

All 7 instalments of Piano Spa have been released in Asia, including the coveted territories of Japan and Korea, chalking up over 70,000 in sales units over the years. In Singapore, the album series is available at major music stores such as HMV, That CD Shop, Popular CD-Rama, as well as in digital format at Apple iTunes Store.